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Drynan Family Reunion 2019

A great day was enjoyed by all at the Drynan Family reunion at Rathdowney the weekend before Easter – 6/7 April 2019. I would like to thank the members of the organising committee and also a big thank you to my wife Catherine who actually photographed this event while I was in hospital and unable to attend.

If you look at the top right hand side of the page you will see “order online”. Click this to go to the gallery page where all the images from the day are available for viewing.

The large group photograph is available for purchase as a print and the family groups are also available for purchase as a print

All other galleries from the event are free to digital download.


Phil & Catherine(Drynan descendant) Hargreaves

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Kedron Wavell Services Club HQ Cafe

Congratulations to the team at Paynter Dixon for a wonderful job at Kedron Wavell Services Club. The new HQ Café is now open and looking gorgeous with an exquisite new dining area complete with new and bigger kitchen. If you’re on the northside I can recommend a visit for lunch or dinner.

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Nerissa Queensland Belly Dance Acadamy

Nerissa is one of the best dancers of her kind in Australia and I felt very privileged for the opportunity of another studio session with her. This was our second session with her latest set of costumes. You should check her out on youtube. Just search Nerissa bellydancer on youtube and sit back and enjoy.

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